When Is It Time To See A Dermatologist For Your Acne?

If you have been struggling with annoying acne for a while now, you may be thinking that you need to see a dermatologist to finally get the results that you seek. But how do you know when you are really ready to see a professional skin doctor? With so many products available over-the-counter, is it really worth spending the money on seeing a dermatologist when you can instead just continue to experiment with different products until you find the solutions that actually work on your skin? And is it worth spending all of your money on prescription medications and antibiotics that dermatologists may prescribe to treat your skin condition? What if these solutions are temporary and you find yourself constantly overpaying for creams and other treatments that are available only by prescription?

These are all very valid questions, and they have already probably crossed your mind if you have been dealing with acne for a while and nothing that you have purchased in stores or online seems to work. Continue reading to learn how you can tell when it is finally time to throw in the towel and see a professional doctor in order to be treated for your acne and get rid of it at last.

Your Acne Continues to Get Worse

If you do your best to keep your skin clean and use topical treatments to get rid of blemishes but your acne continues to get worse, it is time to see a dermatologist. This is especially true if you are being gentle with your skin and taking steps to prevent irritating it any further.

You may think that you are doing everything right to get your skin clean and clear, but a doctor will be able to point out any mistakes that you have been making. A dermatologist will also be able to prescribe treatments like exposed acne treatment that will target the acne effectively. Over-the-counter remedies do not compare to what a doctor can prescribe, so if you have been trying a variety of different products on your skin and they have not helped your condition, it may be time for an upgrade from a doctor.
Your Skin is Very Inflamed and Infected

If you find that your skin is really red, inflamed, irritated, and infected with large blemishes, see a dermatologist, who may diagnose you with cystic acne or nodules. These painful bumps are filled with pus and are very difficult to cure without the help of a trained professional and the most powerful medications.

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