What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Vacuum Cleaner

When you buy a vacuum cleaner you want the machine to last as long as possible. You want it to work just as good six months down the road as it did the day that it was purchased. This means you must take the best care of the vacuum cleaner. While there are a number of things that you should do to take care of the cleaner there are also a lot of things that you should not do. What are those things?

  • Ignoring those Important Filter Changes

The filter is very important in the durability of your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you check this filter on a regular basis, as with a clogged air filter the quality of cleaning will be affected, and you will cause more strain on the vacuum cleaner. Some filters can be washed while others will need to be replaced. Take the appropriate action!

  • Not Changing Bags

If you have a bagged vacuum cleaner it is imperative that you change the bags as soon as they become full, and probably before it is recommended on the machine. When the bag is full of dirt and dust this can affect the air quality inside of your home, but it will also affect the power and performance of the machine as well. Make sure that you change the bag when it is no fuller than 3/4.

  • Not Cleaning the Brushes

The bristles on the vacuum cleaner brush is important to maintain just as well as the rest of the vacuum cleaner. All kinds of things can accumulate inside of the brush, from pet and human hair to threads and more. These things can cause your vacuum to stop sucking up dirt and debris because of all of these build ups. Make sure that you remove these things as they accumulate on the brush and this will not be a problem you will experience. Learn more from other people’s experiences on vacuums by reading some of the dyson vacuum reviews.

  • Treat It Like an ATV

Vacuum cleaners are certainly built tough and to withstand those dings and dents, however this isn’t to say that you should treat one like you’re on an ATV running through the woods outdoors. Do not cause any extra abuse or wear and tear to the machine than what is necessary and you can get the longest lifetime from the machine.

These are just some of the things that you shouldn’t do when you won a vacuum cleaner. You can greatly prolong the life of your machine with these easy tips!